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  1. Alamo

"When I sing theses songs night after night, the words that I'm singing actually have a powerful effect on me. I'm singing these songs as a person who is in transit; as a soul that hasn't arrived yet." - Jon Foreman, Fading West.

We're in transit. We're not perfect. We've not arrived yet. This ties perfectly into my album theme Pieces, and the pursuit of wholeness and home.

// bp


You and me been going all the time
Running down the road, gunning the line
Been gone so long
Most of the time
Chasing the sun
But we never arrive

We caught the train back to Alamo
It's hard to leave, but it's hard to go
Been living on this earth
All of our lives
Chasing the sun
But we never arrive

Bring these souls home
Where they belong
Wander no more
No more

All of these songs from the likes of me
Lost in translation, lost at sea
I've got nothing to boast about
These two hands and this one mouth

We've not arrived yet.