1. Pointless Man

Pointless Man is about not having arrived yet; lethargy and aimlessness as we find our ways.


Some days I feel like a pointless man
too little to do, not enough time on my hands
I’m a disenfranchise, I’m a wise man’s eyes gone bored
Singing pointless chores

Hanging around, sitting down,
standing up
Get a glass of something, for someone else
Waiting a while, try a smile, figure out
If you see yourself here, in 50 years

Do I look like I’m lost?
Bear this toothpick like my cross
A little older and still here
A little weirder with each year

I guess I’ll admit I’m the impatient kind
Won’t labour seven years Just to wake up to the wrong bride
I’m a candle burned low, I’m a vision gone cold
No pending storm