1. Lifeline
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We live in polarizing times, as many generations have. This is a satire, challenge and embrace of my generation.


Growing up
Let me tell you about cool
Loose tunic t-shirt
Vintage army boots

Spent so much time
Designing that tattoo
The first part
You even drew

Struggled through your first IPA
Figured out you kind of liked 'em that way
Wore your hair half way between
Long and short, creating scene

Your cards on the table
Like your dream is cliche
You're questioning ethics
Like you were born to save

Oh, I'm glad
That we didn't live when we wish we had
Yeah, it's time
To be our own kind of lifeline

All grown up
Let me tell you about tough
Just getting along
Is harder than we thought it was

Polarized people
Who all disagree
And everyone offends
So easily

Throw your voice, up online
Figure there aren't, consequences this time
Care a little, but not too much
Only do things that don't disrupt

Your heart on your shirt sleeve
Like it was meant to be
Your good vibrations
Like that means something