The best way to sum Brandon Post up in a few short words would have to be Guitar-Shredding, Motorcycle-riding, Warrior-poet, with the mane of lion and the heart of a wanderer. However, even with such a title as this, everything that is Brandon Post, from his sultry guitar grooves, to his lurid love of carbonated water can’t all be contained within words and titles. For beyond the flowing locks of Brandon’s lush beard, and the nimble fingers with which he woos the crowds of Eastern Europe, Brandon is a humble, kind and talented singer-songwriter, and roots/rock guitarist. 

Brandon’s electric sound has crowds movin’ and groovin’ and his thought provoking lyrics draws the listener into an intimate and reflective experience. His range spreads from bluesy and anthemic guitar masterpieces to pensive acoustic folk ballads. Much like Midas, whatever Brandon touches seems to turn to musical gold. 

Growing up in Colorado, then proceeding to move around the globe, Brandon steeped himself in the music of guitar legends like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix and also fell in love with the world of jazz while listening to classics with Grandma Post. Saving up tirelessly to buy his first electric, Brandon committed himself at a young age to master the fretboard and later went on to study Jazz guitar in his home state of Colorado. 

A world-trotter by any standard, Brandon Post had lived in 4 different countries before landing in Manitoba. His global life experience, multiculturalism and questions of homeland all flavour his music and lyrics. Since arriving, Brandon has begun to make a name for himself as a solo artist with his most recent album Good Intentions in the Big Smoke, as well as a hired gun playing and touring in Canada as well as Europe. Brandon has singles playing on Sirius XM’s “North Americana”, CBC Radio & Goldenwest Broadcasting, and continues to push himself and his sound through continual writing and recording. 

Brandon Plays with a diverse band of supporting artists who fill out his rich sound and go dragon slaying with him on weekends. Together they make up the beer-league knights of the pub table, and wow audiences wherever they play. 

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